Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Public Transportation Workout plan!

Many have asked me how do I stay in shape...Do I work out? No, I hate working out. But you look like your loosing weight they usually say...and I respond well I take public transportation so that helps. Which made me come up with the Public Transportation Workout Plan. Hope you enjoy my first post.

Want to get fit for the summer and you hate working out. Well leave your car behind and get a tap card. 80 dollars for the month, start taking public transportation and get acquainted with You will be surprised with how efficient our transportation system is.
  • Use a cart.
    Need to go grocery shopping..running errands...get a granny cart. They work great. Ralphs is right off the 7th/metro stop, Grand Central Market & Big Lots are both off the Pershing square metro stop besides that many buses do come by them. With a little power walking you will be able to get a good cardio workout going. Plus you will be using your arm muscle to push that cart around. Trust me you will be sweating after your errands. Wear comfortable shoes
  • Take the stairs
    When taking the subway use the stairs instead of the escalator/elevator AT ALL TIMES. Most subway stops have great staircases for you to get a full workout. This will tighten your glutes, calves, quads and thighs muscles. Adding a little more activity in your day can only be healthy for you.
  • Get a bike
    It might be scary at first but once you get use to it biking will save you some money and burn those calories.

Leave your car behind and just Walk. Its so easy to become lazy and gain weight when your are relying on your car to get you everywhere. Gas is always going up and cars are always breaking down. So give it a break and use your legs.


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