Monday, September 12, 2011

Did Your hair Grow?!?!?

Did your hair grow....its so long now?!?!? I've been Asked that question multiple times and thought it would make a great article topic.. First off hair has become an accessory and that's how I use it. From the use of clip-ons, weaves, braids, wigs you can do a lot to change up your appearance. Think about it like earrings, sometime you want to wear studs or sometimes you want to go all out with some gold hoops with feathers on them. Its all about achieving a certain style.

For example look at Kelly Rowland who is a trendsetter for her hairstyles. Sometimes its short (which is my personal fav)...She does curly...she does straight with bangs...And each one of those hairstyles alters her look

And personally I feel that using wigs are so easy. Us women like change...might want blond hair one week...and a short black hair cut the next month and you can have it!!!

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jj ging said...

I definetly agree. wigs are better than weaves and u can do watever u want.