Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Will U Be My VALENTINE??? 2-14-12

Yes, It is coming. Some of us hate it but some us actually enjoy it!!! What to do?!?!?

If you have a love one then you should have nothing to worry about unless your partner forgets.. But there are so many thing you can do to celebrate. And ladies you can do something special for your boo 2. Here's some help

1. Nice romantic Dinner- Now that is very typical. So change things up and bring your partner over to a nicely candle lit dinner that you have prepared yourself. It will be more appreciated then just paying for some meal at a restaurant and its has a sweeter touch.

2. Go out for dessert. Now most of all love sweets. Go to a nice restaurant and split a dessert with your partner, even better bake something. Delicious cupcakes and frosting...yummm

3. Personalized gifts. Pictures make the best gifts and you can find beautiful picture frames for very low cost.

4. Movies!!!! There's always a bunch of chick flicks that come out around that day. Take one for the team gentlemen.

The Vow - Rachel McAdams & Channing Tatum

 Here's a list of restaurants doing something special Downtown LA for V- Day

And for those of us who are single....GO OUT & MINGLE!!!!

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