Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm LOving Box Braids!!!

Brandy-Put it Down ft Chris Brown

She look so hot and fresh in this video...and she was working it...getting them dance moves!! Get it Brandy And she had some clips back in box braids looking fabulous. When I first heard the song I was like..huh.. but its growing on me!!! TEAM BRANDY!

Im really really loving and wanting some box braids

Here she has it  in a low bun...very elegant

Here are some flashbacks of Miss Brandy in braids

Miss Solange has been rocking braids for a while.... alot of ppl use it when in transition from relaxer to going natural. 
Miss Solange has been showing the MOST style with them braids!!!! I so love her now that she is completely out of her shell!!!

she is fierce!!!! (in Tyra Banks voice)

Some other celeb in Braids
Beyonce of course
The bun is a classic style that goes with everything..can make you edgy for a night out or elegant 

found some pics of Kandi!! She looks great here
This style aged her a bit!
 Can't Forget Miss Janet Jackson!

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