Friday, September 7, 2012

VMA 2012 RECAP!!!

Red Carpet

 Rihanna with new do...beautiful white gown...Fav of the night!!

 Miss Katy Perry
 Nicki Minaj and her usual crazy outfit
 Rita Ora who seems to have the same stylist as Nicki Minaj....her hair seems blah.. she should have had it either pulled back or above.
 I don't know what Alicia Keys is wearing and what her bang is doing?!?!
 Swizz brought the baby...aww
Love Zoe Saldana
 Demi Lovato looking rocker chic
 Pink...that hair...smh 
Miley Cyrus channeling who told them that hair style was Ok?!?!
 Rihanna performing Cockiness!!! Love that song

Not sure why the ass grab by A$AP Rocky was necessary... but it brought Rihanna down for me.. It just shows her as easy and that girl all the guys pass around...ugh
Supposedly there was drama and Nicki Minaj told Rihanna to sit her f&*ing ass down! But All seems happy and clear here!!! Who knows?!?! 

U know I will say that I like that she went and said hello... it they are still friends so be it... everyone needs to leave them's a video below


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I love KEVIN HART!!!

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